Licensing Criteria

1 Ownership or access to facilities. Copy of title deed, lease agreement or offer of lease for warehouse and site, whichever is applicable
2 Accessible location throughout the year
3 Fit for purpose (in this case storing Maize, Beans, Coffee, Wheat, Sorghum, Millet and Cotton)
4 Soundly constructed, durable material, fully enclosed, adequately roofed to prevent leakage and access by birds and rodents. An Occupation Permit must be provided.
5 Adequate and well maintained drainage; sufficient clean hard standing at warehouse entrance to minimise seepage of water and mud into the warehouse
6 Ablution ancillary (Workers changing rooms, sanitary and sanitation facilities)
7 Clean and covered area for sampling and grading before deposit or rejection
8 Warehouse has adequate lighting to allow visibility especially when for grading
9 Even floor with no or all cracks repaired. Floor joints fully filled with a mixture of bitumen, sand and Cement
10 Maximum Security with guards available day and night, warehouse lockable and entire area enclosed either by chain link or perimeter wall fence
11 No previous storage of prohibited goods that may taint, contaminate, infest or transmit diseases like Radiation agents, Herbicides, Pesticides, Fuels, Acaracides and Tobacco
12 Each warehouse should be identified by name, initial or number securely affixed thereto (Marked)
13 Where compartments exist they must be labelled clearly to show the space covered by each number. e.g space size and storage capacity
14 All electrical switches, sockets, wiring, lighting, etc, conform to relevant fire/safety regulations and sighted (well clear of the stored material or where stocks will be stored)
15 Plan of warehouse(s) available and lodged with the Authority. Plan should identify storage space, office location, grading area, and equipment including scales
16 Scales of adequate number and suitable types/sizes available and must be inspected and approved by UNBS
17 Check weights available for the range of weights normally measured.
18 Have a minimum of two (2) internet enabled computers and peripherals
19 Suitable and adequate Equipment for Sampling and Grading of inbound/outbound Commodities.
20 Adequate fire fighting equipment and materials installed
21 Cleaning and drying facility available, and Warehouse Keeper (WK) ready to offer service to depositors
22 Capacity to handle 50mt/day or more, assuming 18 to13% moisture content.
23 Adequate storage space of minimum 1,000MTs as per WRS Regulations 2007
24 Clear procedures for ensuring effective operation (Handling & Management Manuals)
25 Fumigation capacity and availability of licensed fumigators
26 Credentials of directors, CEO, FD, Manager of the physical facility or all of them
27 Has a healthy reputation in the business community (based on public reaction to advertisement to grand licence)
28 Staff i.e. Samplers, Weighs and Graders have been trained by the Authority or an Agent of the Authority in grading of grain, inspection, weighing and general handling (evidenced by the valid SWG certificates)
29 If SWG’s not trained, can they be trained by the time of deposit?
30 True copies of financial statements for 3 years, including one prepared within the 6 months of date of application

  • Balance sheet
  • Statement of Tax Returns
  • Statement of income (P&L)
  • Statement of retained earnings
  • Statement of changes in financial position
  • Audited statement of all secured borrowings, or
  • If new company, shareholders holding at 25% shares (together with net asset statements

of each shareholder)

31 Minimum balance sheet of UGX 500 million
32 Current assets at least greater than current liabilities
33 If 28 and 29 are not holding, WK must cover the difference with irrevocable bond or personal guarantees from the shareholders
34 Letter from auditor submitted to Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority directly confirming opinion in the audit report
35 Are the auditors on the authority’s accepted list?
36 Tax Identification Number of the company and individual directors; and Tax Clearance certificates for the company
37 Copies of insurance certificates  for Buildings and WK’s assets
38 Copies of  insurance certificates  for Stock held (or expected to be held) in store – sufficient to cover/value of commodity; theft by 3rd party min. of 100mt; must include “fire and other perils”, “act of God”, “acts of public enemies such as riots”
39 Copies of insurance certificate for Professional indemnity
40 Copies of insurance certificate for Fidelity of WK’s staff
41 Contract compliance
42 Written acceptance to pay the Authority a statutory fee on commodities deposited
43 Bond of UGX 500 million filed with the Authority
44 Completed application form
45 Copies of applicant’s business registration certificate, articles and memorandum of association
46 Copies of CV of key members of staff (CEO, HoF, Manager of Warehouse)
47 Details of current bankers used in the last 3 years; details of the official bank account for channelling warehouse operations transactions
48 Charges Tariff submitted to UWRSA and agreed upon