What We Do

  • Licensing of Storage Facilities basing on warehousing standards for safety, Warehouse Operators considering their reputation and experience, and also Handlers in the warehouses like weighs, samplers and graders).
  • Issuing Negotiable Warehouse Receipts to depositors of commodities.
    Monitoring & Inspection of operations of stakeholders participating in the system.
  • Capacity Building for Key Stakeholders like Warehouse Operators, Banks, Depositors (farmers and small scale traders).
  • Dispute resolution just in case it arises especially on volumes and standards.
  • Promote development of effective and reliable Market Information Systems for the benefit of depositors and buyers.
  • Fostering access to receipt backed inventory financing (This is what the system is all about). Commodities used to secure financing as collateral at a Bank. A shift from the usual/traditional assets like land titles, log books and other instruments.
  • Promoting the development of standardised storage infrastructure that supports value addition.
  • Promoting the development of an efficient Commodity Exchange with other stakeholders by fronting Warehouse Receipts as trading instruments on the trading floor. This involves assurance on delivery on quality and quantity of stocks in the transaction.
  • Mobilisation of stocks through mass sensitisation campaign for producers and small scale traders around and about the licensed storage facilities to promote optimum capacity operations.
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