Our Vision

An excellent structured commodities trading system

Our Mission

To promote the development of infrastructure that supports structured commodities trading system and value addition

Who We Are

Uganda Coat of Arms - Warehouse Receipt System in UgandaThe Warehouse Receipt System was established in Uganda in 2006 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives. It is governed and regulated through the Warehouse Receipt System Act of 2006 (WRS Act, 2006) and regulations there of 2007. Section 3 of the WRS Act, 2006 provides for the establishment of the Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority, whereas sec. 7 establishes the Board of Directors of the Authority.

It is defined as a system where Commodities can be used as security/collateral for financing (Inventory Credit).
The issuer of the Warehouse Receipt will certify the deposit of commodities, hold the commodity in safe custody until the depositor or a new ascertained buyer claims the goods.

Mixture of dried lentils, peas, soybeans, beans - Warehouse Receipt System in Uganda
Mixture of dried lentils, peas, soybeans, beans - background
Beans - Warehouse Receipt System in Uganda
White Corn - Maize - Warehouse Receipt System in Uganda
White Corn - Maize

UWRSA Regulatory Functions

Profiling & Inspection

  • Profile & inspect Storage facilities
  • Personnel
  • Commodities

Licensing & Issuing Receipts

  • License Warehouses
  • License Warehouse Keepers
  • License Warehouse Inspectors
  • Issue warehouse receipts to depositors


  • Skilling of staff, technical operators
  • Training of commodity handlers
  • ICT Personnel
  • Certification of handlers

Capacity Building

We do provide capacity building in many ways to stakeholders including policy makers, and other regulatory stake holders

Sensitisation & Mobilisation

We do sensitisation and mobilisation of stocks. Depositors (traders, cooperative societies, associations and even individual farmers)

Delivery Assurance Mechanism

As one of our core regulatory functions, we foster access to receipt-backed inventory financing (Delivery Assurance Mechanism).

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