Regulatory Functions

Profiling & Inspection

  • Profile & inspect Storage facilities
  • Personnel
  • Commodities
  • etc

Licensing & Issuing Receipts

  • License Warehouses
  • License Warehouse Keepers
  • License Warehouse Inspectors
  • Issue warehouse receipts to depositors


  • Skilling of staff, technical operators
  • Training of commodity handlers
  • ICT Personnel
  • Certification of handlers

Capacity Building

We do provide capacity building in many ways to stakeholders including policy makers, and other regulatory stake holders

Sensitisation & Mobilisation

We do sensitisation and mobilisation of stocks. Depositors (traders, cooperative societies, associations and even individual farmers)

Delivery Assurance Mechanism

As one of our core regulatory functions, we foster access to receipt-backed inventory financing (Delivery Assurance Mechanism).

Market Information

Providing access to market information through data collection, data analysis and dissemination

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution especially concerning quality and quantity

Commodity Exchange

UWRSA supports development of commodity exchanges as one of its functions

Business Development

Provision of business development services

Infrastructure Development

We support the development of infrastructure inform of ICT, Quality and Storage

Monitoring & Evaluation

UWRSA also does monitoring and evaluation
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